Love Is Love

Love Is Love Cover
Written by: Michael Genhart, PhD
Illustrated by: Ken Min
Pages: 32, Color
Size: 10″ x 10″
Age Range: 6-8
ISBN-10: 1939775132

ISBN – 13: 9781939775139

Publisher: Little Pickle Press | Sourcebooks (2018)
Format: Hardcover



A boy confides in a friend that he doesn’t know what to say when he’s teased for having two dads, and when kids say that they’re not a real family. In their conversation, his friend helps him see how her family (with a mom and a dad) isn’t all that different from his: they both have parents who love them, and they both love their parents. And it’s love that makes a family.

Love Is Love shows that gay families are simply another kind of normal, and that all children value the love of family. This heartfelt dialogue provides a gentle way to discuss discrimination.

Sourcebooks Press Release Spring 2018